Generating 1000%+ ROIs with a Lead Generation System
that I Personally Design & Implement, With You,
Live and In Person, is Quite Another….


The Art Of Lead Generation Implementation Intensive


Accomplish more in 2 days working ON your business with me,
than you did all of last year working IN it alone.

If you want to generate a reliable and consistent flow of highly qualified leads for your business — on demand — and want ME to do that for you live and in real-time, this could be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

I know that sounds like a bold claim, but let me explain…

If we haven’t met, my name is Nicholas Kusmich.

My “day job” is running one of the top Facebook Advertising Agencies and Lead Generation Consultancies in the world, but I also run one of the most unique 2-Day live business acceleration experiences out there.


Tony Robbins

Joe Polish

Robin Sharma

Maria Andros

Bill Baren

T. Harv Eker

Pamela Yellen

Taki Moore

I have personally worked with entrepreneurs, CEO’s, best-selling authors, award-winning film producers, top mastermind facilitators, world-class business coaches, fitness consultants, doctors, event producers, and the top thought-leaders in the world, consulting, designing and implementing their lead generation systems powered by Facebook which has collectively generated hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue and even more importantly the highest ROI’s in the industry.


Look, there are a TON of other so-called Lead Generation Gurus out there, and many are doing some good things. Others have fled the Facebook scene at the first sight of ‘hard times’ and moved on to other platforms.

But only I can lay claim to having the highest ROIs in the space.


E V E N   W H E N   O T H E R S   C A N ‘ T

Let me take you behind the curtain a little bit and show you the “secret sauce”.

When you have worked on this many campaigns and generated this much revenue, you know the ins and out of what works and what doesn’t.

And here is the secret… Facebook Advertising isn’t the real magic bullet.

In fact, it’s just the ‘tool’ we use right now, to deploy the real “magic bullet”.

The real gold is what I call Contextual CongruenceTM powered by my 4M Lead Generation Strategy and it’s how I’ve ultimately cracked the code to generating reliable and consistently high-quality leads. All of this happens through an on-demand process, which promptly turns leads into clients using “new media” channels like Facebook.

I’ve found that no matter what you’re selling, there is a specific ‘formula’ that can dependably turn complete strangers (and warmer prospects) into high paying clients like clockwork, using my proprietary 4M Lead Generation Strategy.

In fact, I use this very system to turn ice-cold prospects, into high-paying clients within a 24-48 hour window. (And to convert a warmer prospect into a customer/client even faster).

Let me expand…

Picture an iceberg.

We all know that only 10% of the iceberg is above the surface while the 90% is ‘out of sight’.
And this is a little hint as to why I can get the results I get while others are scratching their head trying to figure out how.

Most people in this space are focusing on the 10%. I call this the “Mechanics”. (Remember that word for later)
This is made up of the tactical and technical elements of lead generation (what type of ad to run, how to properly bid for a desired result, targeting strategies, etc.). Not to say that these aren’t important, but it can only get you so far.

The true secret sauce, and the reason for my spectacular results lie in my understanding and execution of the 90% that actually drives these ultra-successful campaigns – the 4M Lead Generation Strategy.

See, unlike many of the Facebook and Lead Generation “Gurus” out there, I don’t just focus on the Mechanics of the campaigns themselves.

Instead, I architect the right 4M system (well before ads are even written), designed to attract and convert your “perfect clients” while generating marketplace goodwill at the same time. 

In fact, it’s not just highly qualified leads either, but preeminent positioning so that the lead is pre-disposed to doing business with you.

You see, Facebook Advertising without my 4M Lead Generation Strategy — based on Contextual Congruence™ — is a waste of time that leads to frustration, and is the reason most other people are only getting 2:1 return on investments at best.

What’s crazy, is that you and I have an incredible advantage because…






Many people are trying to generate leads consistently and failing dramatically, and very few (if any) have cracked the code as I have.

And the reason is simple: Everyone is focusing on the 10%.

The 90% is not the tactical or the technical side of things; it’s the deeper undying STRATEGY that factors in psychological social behavior and unconscious influence that as people wanting to do business with you naturally.

This “90%” are the 3 of the 4 “M’s” in our 4M Lead Generation Strategy (the 4th “M” is the Mechanism which is the other 10%). Let me introduce you to these 4 M’s briefly, so you get a feel for what I am talking about.


MESSAGE is your voice in your marketplace. HINT – what you say is not nearly as important and how you say it and WHY it connects with your prospect


MARKET is not only identifying WHO your prospect is, but more importantly who YOU are to them, and essentially increasing your position in your industry to be seen as an expert celebrity.


MAGNET is all about designing sequences that get your prospects CHASING you, rather than you chasing them (this makes business and sales so much easier)


MECHANISM is tying it all together with Facebook Ads, Optin pages, emails sequences, and a simple and easy “funnel”.


Since deploying this strategy for all of our private clients, and getting the massive results that came with it, I have had hundreds of entrepreneurs come to me, pleading for help.

You see, up until now I only had my consultancy and agency, and we ONLY worked with a handful of select clients in their businesses at any given time. What we did was very private, and it wasn’t easy to be a part of with a decent investment – between $60,000 and $100,000 a year.

As a result, only a few could take advantage of our proprietary systems and strategies which left most people out in the dark, frustrated and unable to grow and scale their business like they wanted to.

Now I have good news, and I have bad news.

The bad news is that I still only work with a very small handful of private clients and execute this process directly in their business for them. And I have a waiting list of others who want to work with me. That will probably never change.


I have figured out a way where I can not only reveal this exact process and system to you, BUT will literally create these 4M assets WITH you, live and in person, and then transplant and implement them into your business, on the spot.

(And all without the six-figure price tag)

Think about that. You can get this system transplanted into your business by me (rather than just learning it yourself and being left on your own to figure it all out)



Now I could just train you on these things, but let’s face it… you (or I) don’t need any more information.

There is a “disease” floating around with many business owners, and it’s what I call ‘info-besity’ – Essentially too much information consumption and not enough EXECUTION. So if I just offered you information, it’s not going to serve you.

Have you ever bought some training, or attended some seminar and then never did anything with it?

Me too! Both time and money wasted!

I hate the feeling of leaving a training with a book full of notes and a massive to-do list that takes months to do which I never actually get around to doing it because I’m left on my own to figure it out…

So I decided to take a stand against these kinds of training courses and events…





W O R K  O N  Y O U R  B U S I N E S S  I N S T E A D  O F  I N  I T

Why learn, when you can DO?

I have come up with a solution that gives me the opportunity to do most of the heavy lifting for you, and you can leave with this process built and deployed in your business.

No more filling your head with more knowledge that you’d have to figure out how to use yourself.

Now you can have a Lead Generation system, designed to generate 1000%+ ROI’s, implemented into your business before you even leave.

So you leave NOT with a to-do list, but a DONE list


The Art Of Lead Generation, 2-Day Implementation Intensive

During our 2 days together at my LIVE IMPLEMENTATION INTENSIVE, I have 2 primary objectives
  1. For me to design and build your lead generation system using my 4M Lead Generation Strategy WITH you, live and in person and then DEPLOY it in your business.
  1. To provide you with all of the required training and “know-how”, so you have everything you need to manage your campaign moving forward, so you can use it to generate a consistent flood of highly targeted leads, on demand.
All killer! No filler!


I’ll reveal my entire, proprietary 4M Lead Generation Strategy that has been my ‘secret sauce’ in generating tens of millions of dollars for our clients, and having the HIGHEST ROIs in the industry.

NOTE: this goes way beyond simple tactics, but the real underlying strategy and philosophy that is has yielded substantial results, time, and time again.

I will deep dive into each and every element of it.

THEN, while unpacking each component, we will co-create the specific ASSETS WITH you, right there on the spot.

I will help you hone in on all the essential components, and work with you to create what will soon be some of the most valuable assets of your business.

Heck, I’m even going to help write your ads for you.

We will also UPLOAD all of the assets to the web and your ad account.

What this means is that you will arrive on day 1 with whatever you have (even if that isn’t anything other than your business). By the end of day 2, you will leave with an entire lead generation campaign/system built with me, so all you need to do is press “go”.

I’ll give you complete instructions onhow to use them, when to use them, what to do first, and in what order.


Clint Arthur, GKIC’s current and longest reigning Info Marketer of the Year has this to say about The Art Of Lead Generation Intensive

We’ve set aside ample time for Hot Seats, questions, and personal interaction.
(This is not your typical training event; this is all about PERSONALIZED, CUSTOM IMPLEMENTATION.)

The whole time, the focus revolves around YOU and YOUR business and how you can implement this system specifically within the context of your business and ideal client base.

Then, all that’s left to do is for you to DEPLOY it!

It doesn’t get much easier and more ‘results-based’ than that.

No more guessing, no more worries so you can have a consistent flood of leads into your business and never again have to worry about where you next client will come from.




This Intensive is deliberately very small so that I can personally help you get everything built and deployed while you’re here.

You will be working directly with me, and only up to 16 participants in total will be accepted. (So this is VERY hands on).


Participation in this exclusive program isn’t for everyone, and it very well might not be for you.

It’s NOT cheap, and because I can only accept 16 people I need to be very selective about who I let in…I am sharing the secrets of my craft, and doing most of the heavy lifting for you.

Because of the nature of the event (it being an intimate hands on experience) and because I am going to be working with you directly, I have found that the success of the experience for you, me and everyone else in the room is contingent upon having the right people there.

This way you can be assured that you will get the most from the experience.

As a result participation in the Art of Lead Generation is by APPLICATION ONLY.

You couldn’t buy access even if you wanted to at any price point.

I’m selective about who we allow to participate, as I need to ensure you are a good fit and that I can help you tremendous results.


Spent $1900 in ad spend, closed over $1.3M in new assets. Total commissions $74,000.00 with about $1.1M to be collected and a new franchise model based on the success.


Here are the basic requirements if you’d like to be considered…

  • You need to have a business that is currently generating revenue. If you are in just ‘idea’ phase, this might not be the best for you unless you have the ability to implement right away.Tire kickers and those just looking to consume more information are not a good fit.
  • You need to have a legitimate business that can benefit from generating leads on the internet. If you’re selling biz oppy type stuff or selling physical products WITHOUT the ability / desire to generate leads first, this is probably not right for you.
  • You need to be willing to roll up your sleeves for 2 days and create your assets with me. This is not a learning seminar where you passively sit and watch; this is a doing intensive where you will get more done in 2 days than you might in 2 months or more. You must be ready to work.
  • You need to be prepared to invest in yourself and the success of your business. This isn’t some cheap seminar training you can pick up anywhere. This is a premium experience designed for the 1%’s who will take the time, money, energy to get even better results in their business and understand the importance and effect of investing in yourself.
  • You need to be able to move quickly… if this is not the right time for you to accelerate your business, please don’t apply. These events get sold out every single time, so only apply if you’re ready to act now if you are presented an invitation to join us
  • Lastly, we have a strict no-douchebag policy. If you got attitude or like to whine and complain about anything and everything, then this is not gonna work for you. Life is too short to work with assholes, and I nor anyone else in the room will have time for that. I have only ever had to kick one person out of the event, and trust I will never have to do that again.

I love working with A-players and if you don’t consider yourself one, it’s probably not a good fit for you.

So if all of this sounds like you, and you meet the requirements, and you want to be considered for the next upcoming Intensive and join the ranks of some of the top businesses, click HERE and fill out the brief but important application form.

I’ll personally review your application, and if I think this might be what you need, either one of my senior advisors or I will jump on the phone to discuss. Then we’ll discover whether you qualify if it’s what you need, given where you’re currently at in your business, plus we’ll answer any questions that you may have and discuss the various options available for joining this elite group of entrepreneurs at this event.

And if not, no hard feelings either way. We’ll shake virtual hands and part ways, friends.

Please note that spaces are very limited and completing an application is no guarantee of acceptance.

Complete the form to take the next step now, and let’s see if this is what you need to grow your business 1,000% faster.

I look forward to talking to you soon.



NOV 14 – 15 2016

M A N H A T T A N   B E A C H , C A

FEB 06 – 07 2017

O R L A N D O , F L

MAR 07 – 08 2017

S A N  D I E G O , C A

MAY 15 – 16 2017

T O R O N T O , O N


If you do get an invite to the event, here is my “ballsy” promise to you:

I don’t think any legitimate opportunity should ever have any risk. So here is the deal.

If at ANYTIME during the first day you don’t feel like the event is a worthwhile use of your time, you can stand up, turn in your Black Book and request a full refund which we will give you, and walk out of the room.

No hard feelings, no questions asked.

In fact, we’ll even give you $500 as recompense for your time, travel so that you can have a nice dinner on me.

Sound fair?

If by chance you DO get accepted into The Art of Lead Generation, it will likely change your business forever.

I look forward to that.

All the best,

Nicholas Kusmich

P.S. If you’ve read this far and haven’t applied, something must be wrong. Or you just really like reading? Or you might be trying to swipe my copy??

P.P.S. This is the end of this letter so you might as well Apply Now.


Do I need any Facebook Advertising Experience?

Facebook advertising experience is not required to get the most of this experience. If you have it, great, I’ll take you to a whole other level. If you don’t, not to worry, we’ll make sure you have what you need.

Who is the best for? (Can this help my business?)

This experience is designed for ANY business that is looking to generate leads on demand online. This include information businesses, coaches, service providers, consultants, authors and other thought-leaders.

What do I need to have ready to make the most of the experience?

Nothing really. The experience is designed to be and fully contained experience, meaning we’ll cover everything we need during the 2 days we are together.

Will it be recorded?

No. These experience are NOT recorded and as a result recording will not be made available.

What if I can't make the dates listed?

If the dates listed can’t work but you’d like to be considered for participation, apply now and we’ll discuss future unlisted dates.