The Accelerator AllianceTM is an exclusive mentoring/consulting accelerator program designed for me to work personally with you as a successful business owner in order to smash through sales plateaus, and get rapid results with 1,000%+ ROI’s. Working with very small groups, this proven program, utilizing my Rapid Scaling Matrix™ powered by Facebook Advertising will help you rapidly scale your business.


The Accelerator AllianceTM (The Alliance) is a small, private, closed-door, group accelerator program that goes beyond training and mastermind networks and dives straight into a specific, tailored IMPLEMENTATION plan, proven to propel your business through sales plateaus and to scale like clockwork.
Where most other programs stop, The Alliance starts…


The growth plan, using The Rapid Scaling Matrix™ revolve around 3 core systems:
1. Preeminent Positioning ProfileTM
2. Ascension AcceleratorTM
3. Micro Market MaximizerTM


These systems are specifically designed to help:
Use Facebook Advertising (and other traffic sources) to generate a flood of subscribers, webinar registrants, applications, live event ticket sales all with unprecedented return on investment
Custom design and implementation of the right ascention conversion process specific to your offer
Deploy our proprietary “You Everywhere Micro Celebrity” remarketing strategy to develop your preeminent positioning profile


…All while generating massive goodwill within your marketplace, accelerating your ability to rapidly scale your business and making you a trusted authority in your space.


The Alliance is for high-achieving entrepreneurs with successful businesses who are looking to break through plateaus, generate massive ROI with their advertising dollars, or to scale their business in a way that’s consistent and predictable.


Well-established businesses generating revenues between $250,000-$1,000,000+ annually
 Already running some form of paid advertising (such as Facebook Ads)
Businesses that have “High-Ticket” transactions, with an average client value of $3,000+
Businesses with an established sales process, that has been proven to convert leads into clients
Businesses that have ambitious goals to double your sales over the next 12-18 months and yield 1,000%+ ROIs with your advertising efforts.


Additional Requirements:
The Alliance has a strict no douchebags, no whiners, no complainers policy!
Life is too short and honestly I (and the other members) can’t stand complainers or excuse-makers. You need to be a great person to work with, who owns your actions (and inactions). No attitudes, no micro-managing, no complaining. I treat members like family, and if you’re hard to work with then no matter what kind of results I can help you achieve, it just won’t work. And frankly, I don’t need the headache.
You must have a proven, solid product and a good reputation.
Everything we do together will not only be bringing you more sales and profits, but we’ll be doing it in a way that cultivates MASSIVE goodwill within your market. And in order for us to do that, you need to have your act together. In other words, you need to have a product or service that brings positive transformation to someone’s life or business.
You need to be prepared to spend money to finance this growth with your first-class marketing effort. Of course you will generate massive ROI on your advertising spends, but this is PAID advertising and you need to be prepared to spend money to make even more money.
You should be willing to SHARE.
If you’ve had a great win, or figured something out that could help the larger group, you should be willing to share it. Similarly, if you’ve figured out what doesn’t work, that is also a value-added share. You won’t get maximum value unless you’re willing to be totally transparent. In other words, pride and posturing has no place in The Alliance.
At the same time there is a strict confidentiality requirement for everyone prohibiting disclosure of certain discussions and materials OUTSIDE of The Alliance. All information shared in The Alliance is confidential and for member use only. Sharing strategies learned via participation in The Alliance is strictly prohibited. Any member who shares confidential information to which they became privy by virtue of his/her membership in The Alliance will have his/her membership and all benefits and privileges thereof terminated..


Choose The Alliance because you have a strong desire to go beyond training and masterminds, and break through the current growth barriers for your business. That important decision can grant you access to a concrete, actionable, tailored implementation plan for your business, with direct consultation, support, guidance and mutual accountability from Nicholas Kusmich and like-minded fellow Alliance members.






The program is delivered through:
Your initial Master Plan Call
Quarterly, Full-Day Live Implementation Workshops
Live Webinar Workshops every 90 days
Accelerator Assets (templates, maps, lists)
Access to my Live Events
Access to the Accelerator Incubator Online Portal


Membership decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, by application only.
If you meet the criteria above, you can apply to be considered for admission to this elite program.

Apply Now to See Whether You Qualify