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Marketers Lie, Numbers Don’t  

The most important number is not CPC, ad spend, or even revenue. It is ROI.

The Secret Sauce

What drives our unprecedented results...

Our proprietary Rapid Scaling Matrix™ – the key to accelerated and predictable growth
The Rapid Scaling Matrix™ revolves around 3 core systems:

Preeminent Positioning Profile TM
All marketing is ‘demand generation’, and your position in the marketplace determines your demand. We utilize a very specific process to you as an industry leader and micro-celebrity within your marketplace.

The Ascension Accelerator TM
This is our tried and true process designed to take a prospect and convert them into your highest-level client, in the quickest, most congruent way possible, all while providing tremendous value and establishing goodwill.

Micro Market Maximizer TM
The days of mass marketing are long over. The key is to identify pockets of micro-markets where your ideal clients already are and with laser targeting dominate that micro-market with relevant messages that inspire action.


It’s Why I’m Trusted By World-Class Entrepreneurs 

A short list of a few clients who are experiencing top-level results…

Lee McIntyre

Leading Marketing Consultant

Chris & Janet Atwood

NY Times Best-Selling Authors

Alex Jeffreys

Internet Marketer/Trainer

Joe Polish

Founder of Genius Network

Bill Baren

Top business coach

Jeff Hays

Award-Winning Film Producer

Robin Sharma

Best-Selling Author

Taki Moore

Founder of Black Belt Coaching

Sharla Jacobs

Founder of Thrive Academy

Giovanni Marsico

Founder of Archangel Academy

Andrew Fox

Founder of Zapable

Peter Parks

Top Media buyer & CPA Expert

and many others…

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